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Degree Details

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

M.Eng. in Systems and Technology enables its graduates to design, implement, and operate complex systems comprised of electromechanical and cyber components (digital models, data analytics, AI based decision making).  Such cyber-physical systems are rapidly emerging in all aspects of our lives (e.g. self-driving vehicles, smart cities, etc.).  Graduates from the program are ready to launch their careers along the technology frontiers of the 21st century society.  In addition to technical courses, the students enhance their abilities to communicate, work in teams, or manage projects by taking professional development courses.

Areas of Research

  • Automation and Smart Systems

  • Automotive

  • Digital Manufacturing

Course based (Full-time, 1 year)
Course and Project (Full-time, 16 months)
Part-time (24 -32 months)
Required Credential:
4 year degree in Engineering, Technology, Sciences, or Software
Program Type:
Course based, Project
Program Options:
Full-Time, Part-Time
Typical Entry:
September, January
Typical Deadline:
June 1, September 1