Software Engineering and Virtual Systems Design

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computing and Software

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Degree Details

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

This program is intended for those interested in a career as a practicing professional in Software Engineering and Virtual System Design. An M.Eng. student would acquire skills in areas such as 4D modeling techniques for virtual reality, real-time systems and control, animation tools, and user interfaces.

Areas of Research

Combinatorial computing and optimization, Complexity, design and analysis of algorithms, Computer vision, Computational geometry, Control systems, Discrete event systems, discrete geometry, Formal methods, Mathematical programming, Mechanized mathematics, Medical imaging, Optimization: Theory, algorithms and complexity, Parallel and distributed computing, Real-time and embedded systems, Robotics, Requirement activities, Scientific computation, Software engineering, String algorithms, Theory of non-sequential systems

1-2 years
Required Credential:
Honours Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science or equivalent
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