Social Gerontology

Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Health, Aging & Society

An interdisciplinary study of social, cultural, and political aspects of aging.

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Degree Details

Doctorate (Ph.D.)

The PhD program in Social Gerontology will apply an interdisciplinary, comparative, and critical lens to analysing and understanding aging as a social and cultural process, construct, and outcome. It is the combination of these three perspectives, the ways that they interact with and build on one another, and a focus on both the social structural and cultural dimensions of aging that makes the program distinctive in its area. The PhD program in Social Gerontology differs from many doctoral programs in this area in that it allows students to develop and pursue broader research interests that may be outside the typical focus on functional health, demography and service management.

Areas of Research

  • Social-cultural dimensions of aging
  • Systems, services and policy
  • Environments and inequalities
  • Diversity and inclusion
4 years
Required Credential:
Master’s degree in a related aging and/or social sciences discipline
Program Options:
Typical Entry:
Typical Deadline:
January 15th