Materials Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering involves the study and application of materials and their properties to enable technologies by controlling the structure through systematic synthesis and subsequent processing routes.

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Degree Details

Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.)

Materials Science & Engineering is about unravelling the fundamental principles governing the behavior of materials to enable technologies across a broad range of applications. This includes performance functionalities of all classes of materials across length scale ranging from the macro-scale down to nano-scale.

Areas of Research

  • Nanotechnology
  • nanomaterials
  • energy and fuel cells
  • automotive materials and corrosion
  • steel and steelmaking
  • recycling
  • electrochemical technology
  • biomaterials
  • electronic materials
  • computational modelling
  • physical metallurgy
  • polymers
2 years
Required Credential:
Honours Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Engineering, Mathematics or Physical Sciences
Program Type:
Program Options:
Full-Time, Part-Time
Typical Entry:
September, January, May
Typical Deadline:
September entry – March 1 (International), June 1 (Canadian)
January entry – July 1 (International), October 1 (Canadian) 
May entry – December 1 (International), February 1 (Canadian)