Engineering and Public Policy

Faculty of Engineering, W. Booth School of Engineering Practice & Technology

The engineering/science/policy interface is of critical importance to achieve a sustainable future. We train scientists and engineers to formulate public policy by considering economic, social, environmental and political consequences of management decisions.

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Degree Details

Master of Engineering and Public Policy (M.E.P.P.)

Safety, efficiency and sustainability are ever-increasing requirements of engineered products and services. We train engineers and scientists to be policy makers in both the public and private sectors. We explore the precautionary principle in applied research and training. Our focus spans many societal sectors like water, energy, waste management, chemical management, and transportation.

Areas of Research

  • Engineering and Public Policy
  • Science and Public Policy
  • Sustainability and Public Policy
12 months
Required Credential:
4-year Engineering or Applied Science degree
Program Options:
Full-Time, Part-Time
Typical Entry:
September, January
Typical Deadline:
June 1, September 1