Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computing and Software

McMaster’s Department of Computing and Software advances the field of computing through education and research. We focus on computing research problems that involve scientific theory, engineering practice, and the interface between the two. We seek to address society’s need for better methods of developing information systems and dependable, safe, secure, high-quality software systems.

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Degree Details

Doctorate (Ph.D.)

The department offers three graduate degrees in Computer Science: Ph.D, Master of Science, and Master of Engineering. Gradute students in the Ph.D and M.Sc. programs are focused on advancing knowledge in computational theory and practice through intensive research in their chosen area of interest. The M.Eng. program trains students to develop a level of understanding that will enable them to apply their knowledge and skills in the information technology industry.

Areas of Research

  • Combinatorial computing and optimization
  • Complexity, design and analysis of algorithms
  • Computer vision
  • Computational geometry
  • Control systems
  • Discrete event systems, discrete geometry
  • Formal methods
  • Mathematical programming
  • Mechanized mathematics
  • Medical imaging
  • Optimization: Theory, algorithms and complexity
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Real-time and embedded systems
  • Robotics
  • Requirement activities
  • Scientific computation
  • Software engineering
  • String algorithms
  • Theory of non-sequential systems
4 years
Required Credential:
Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
Typical Entry:
Typical Deadline:

Degree Options

Master of Science (M.Sc.)Degree Details

1-2 years
Required Credential:
Honours Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science or equivalent
Program Type:

Doctorate (Ph.D.)Degree Details

4 years
Required Credential:
Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent