Carlo Handy Charles stands under the shade of a tree, near a stone archway on McMaster\'s main campus.
Carlo Handy Charles is studying how race, ethnicity, and nationalism shape the perception and integration of Haitian refugees in Canada and France. Photo by Stacey Gabitious, McMaster University

May 24, 2019

McMaster’s new Trudeau Scholar studies how nationalism and politics affect migration

McMaster sociology PhD candidate Carlo Handy Charles has been named a 2019 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholar.

Charles is studying how cross­-cultural understandings of race, ethnicity, and nationalism shape the perception, acceptance and integration of Haitian refugees in Canada and France. He is pursuing a joint doctoral degree in sociology at McMaster and geography at the Universite' des Antilles, in Martinique, France.

"Being selected among such an amazing group of Trudeau Scholars represents more than a funding package to complete my doctoral research on time," Charles says.

"It allows me to belong to and learn from a unique community of engaged scholars, dedicated mentors and inspiring fellows who are pursuing cutting-edge research in the social sciences and humanities in Canada."

Even more importantly, Charles says, it gives him a platform to produce and disseminate knowledge about migration and the politics of incorporation and integration in French, English and Spanish, both in Canada and abroad.

"The Trudeau Scholarship also provides me an incredible opportunity to publicly engage with diverse global communities through artistic projects, such as theatre, photography, painting or film, for instance," he says.
"I am very excited about what's coming ahead!"

About the Trudeau Scholarship

Offered by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, the doctoral scholarship recognizes outstanding, innovative doctoral research in one of four key fields: human rights and dignity; responsible citizenship; Canada and the world; and people and their natural environment.

The three-year program provides up to $180,000 in funding, as well as leadership training and the opportunity to connect and work with leading scholars.