Flowers blooming on campus.

January 9, 2018

CVC Volunteer Fair

Attend Community Volunteer Circles’ (CVC) Volunteer Fair and explore the many ways students can help make a difference in the Hamilton community.

Event Details

Date & Time:

January 9, 2018
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Event Contact:

Open Circle McMaster

Interested in volunteering? Interested in getting to know the Hamilton community? CVC, a program of Student Open Circles, is a network of weekly groups in which McMaster students volunteer with other students at placements across Hamilton. By volunteering, students will have opportunities to help at-risk children, youth, immigrant populations, those who are homeless, and adults living with disabilities.

This year CVC has 22 weekly volunteer groups that are in need of volunteers, so come sign up, help out, and receive all the rewards volunteering has to offer.

Please bring with you:

Community Volunteer Circles (CVC) is a program of Student Open Circles and is a network of volunteering groups where you volunteer weekly with other McMaster students at placements across Hamilton. Your group facilitator helps you find your way to the placement and facilitates discussion for 15-20 min. after each volunteer session to help you reflect on your experiences and how these relate to larger societal issues.