Competition Schedule

More than 55 students will compete across four preliminary heats on Thursday, February 23. Heats begin at 9 a.m. and run throughout the day, ending with the Final Heat at 4 p.m.

Heat 1, 9 a.m.

Heat 2, 11 a.m.

Heat 3, 1 p.m.

Heat 4, 3 p.m.

Final Heat, March 15, 1:30 p.m.

2017 Competitors

  1. Gautham Krishnaraj 
  2. Denver Brown
  3. Michelle Ogrodnik
  4. Sophie Wilkinson
  5. Tsz Wing Cheung
  6. Alanna Smolarz
  7. Matthew Berry
  8. Nourhan Shalaby
  9. Ming Li
  10. Tiffany vanLieshout
  11. Wade Genders
  12. Bryan Wu


Name Title Faculty
 Akram Alyass  Snowball Obesity Genes Science
 Denver Brown Brain Drain: The Influence of Mental Fatigue on Physical Activity  Science
 Elizabeth Perrez  That gut feeling: a bacterial basis to anxiety?  Health Sciences
 Emily Day  Targeting AMPK to treat Athersclerosis  Health Sciences
 Gautham Krishnaraj  Nothing Left to Offer  Health Sciences
 Fran Lasowski  Improving Drug Delivery to the Eye  Engineering
 Kezhuan Gu  Phosphorus Oxidation: Nano Scale to Mega Scale        Engineering
 Michelle Orgrodnik          Sweat so you don't forget: How exercise breaks during learning can enhance memory  Science
 O'Llenecia Sauvé  The Placenta and the Power Packs  Health Sciences
 Pam Lahey  Welfare to work: the employment trajectory of social assistance recipients with mental illness  Health Sciences
 Shaiya Robinson  Kaiso gets gutsy" - finding a role for Kaiso in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"  Science
 Shawn Hercules Race and Brest Cancer - is there a link?  Science
 Sherald Sanchez  Desperate Migration Has A Woman's Face  Health Sciences
Susie Son Understanding Huntington's Disease: The Huntingtin-HMGB1 Buddy System  Health Sciences


Name Title Faculty
Alanna Smolarz Snakes, Snow, and Surviving the Canadian Winter Science
Erin Cole Preventing Concussions Before They Happen – Does Neck Strength Predict Injury Risk Health Sciences
Hao Li Coordination of Distributed Model Predictive Controls (MPCs) with Closed-loop Dynamic Real-time Optimization (DRTO) Engineering
Hudson Reddon How to 'Fight' our Obesity Genes Health Sciences
Kathryn Benincasa Seeing the Bigger Picture Science
Marko Arezina Limiting Landing Gear Noise Engineering
Maryam Pandi Seeing, Hearing and Feeling the Road Science
Pedrum Mohammadi A Better Blood Test for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Health Sciences
Ryan Rolick The power of stream temperature Science
Sepher Manochehry Rapid on-site monitoring of cancer indicators found in urine Health Sciences
Sophie Wilkinson Boreal Burning and the Sphagnum Super Moss Science
Tarushika Vasanthan The Tale of the Hibernating Water Bear Science
Tsz Wing Cheung Lead Poisoning is Everywhere Science


Name Title Faculty
Matthew Berry The Science of Acting Science
Gautham Krishnaraj Nothing Left to Offer Health Sciences
Kiran Ali Disruption, recovery and resilience of critical infrastructure Business
Nicole O'Brien Social Networking Sites Impact Loneliness for Older Adults Business
Maheeya Mujib The Price We Pay Business
Bryor Snefjella The Words We Use and Who We Are Humanities
Ming Li Designing Privacy-Aware Data Sharing Agreements for Medical Research Business
Tamana Yousof The role of TDAG51 in regulating insulin signalling – a novel therapeutic for Type 2 Diabetes Health Sciences
Yunju Song A 3 year snapshot of childhood vaccine conversations in Ontario on Twitter Health Sciences
 S. Daisy Kosa  Lifelines: Cost and Consequences in Vascular Access Health Sciences
Nourhan Shalaby  Differentiation of Tumour and Normal Breast Tissue using an Optical Spectroscopy System Science
Michael MacLeod Development of an advanced genetic toolbox to enable genome scale engineering in Sinorhizobium meliloti Science


Name Title Faculty
Andrey Goussev Flying Nanobot Wings Engineering
Blessing Bassey Gone in a flash: Kaiso's roles in breast cancer metastasis Science
Bryan Wu Talkative Tenants of the Human Body Health Sciences
Chuma Asuzu An Extra Ear Engineering
Florent Risacher The ongoing success of land reclamation in the oil sands Science
Hassan Ali Al Saleh Microvesicles in Prostate Cancer Health Sciences
Jenin El-Sayes Excite Your Brain: Fit Your Exercise to You Science
Jennifer Cui Nobody wants to get HIT Health Sciences
John Vrbensky CD8+ T Cells in Immune Thrombocytopenia Health Sciences
Kate Kennedy Developmental Mechanisms Behind the Intergenerational Transmission of Obesity Health Sciences
Medhi Shahzamania Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) of Metals Engineering
Samantha Caetano Selecting a Model in Cancer Data Science
Tiffany vanLieshout Of Mice and Molecules Science
Wade Genders Engineering Intelligence Engineering